Update: April 2019. We are delighted to confirm that this project now has a fantastic list of contributors and a contract with SCM Press to publish this book late 2019/early 2020. Watch this space for more information about our exciting launch event.FTT


A project about the intersections between trauma and feminist theology. We are currently seeking contributions for an edited volume.

Trauma theology is a rare field of Christian theology that is well-represented by women’s voices. Theologians such as Shelly Rambo, Serene Jones, Stephanie Arel, and Jennifer Beste are among the first that come to mind when considering the field of trauma theology. Many of these theologians are clearly informed by feminist theology, if not overtly feminist, in their approach to their study of trauma. This should not be surprising given that the issues surrounding trauma are similar to, and intimately connected with feminist issues—questions around power in both the individual and societal contexts, issues surrounding control over the body and bodily integrity, the motivation to activism, and the narration of experience as liberative—to give just a few examples.

We are living in an era when traumatic experiences are being more frequently acknowledged in public and there are multiple calls for recognition and justice for those who experience such trauma. Just in the last three years we have seen the Black Lives Matter campaign, #metoo, the Sisters Uncut protests about the cutting of services for domestic violence victims, the repeal the 8thcampaign, campaigns against Female Genital Mutilation, multiple sexual abuse scandals (including those in churches), the experience of displaced persons around the world, and rise of PTSD in armed forces personnel. It is clear that many of these experiences and issues exist at the intersection of feminism and trauma.